The House

All our rooms have a name and a meaning.

The red “Angel Room ” has a queen bed and a private bathroom .

The “Russian Room ” is a single room with historic pieces of furniture and a private Washing facilities.

The “gray room” is a double room with twin beds and is of course in gray held .

The ” Blue Room ” consist of two adjacent beds, but you also can provide separately if you would like it .

The last two rooms can warden used as triples.

All rooms open onto a common corridor, at the end of the toilet is .
There is also a large bathroom with two sinks, a shower and a free-standing Bath, which is invariably the guests’ disposal .

In the hallway there is a small library , in which all guests may like to use.

Can be had breakfast on the weekend and then usually happens at the big table down in the living area . Please enter the same known upon arrival, at what time you want to have breakfast. This can be with ” family connection” even before, because a common Breakfast is the weekend tradition in our house .

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